Octavia | Puppy Progress Photoshoot | Gainsborough

Every so often I get the opportunity to follow the progress of friends and clients pups, which is awesome because you get to see them come out of their shell over time developing little personalities and traits.

Plus who doesn't love puppies right?

So over time we are going to be following the progress and life of Octavia

watching her grow and develop both physically and mentally and also seeing that bond between her and her owner grow.

It is really hard not to simply fall in love with overwhelming puppy cuteness, just look at that face and tell me you don't see pure joy and happiness!

Did you know that its a proven fact that just ten minutes out walking a dog releases endorphins and hormones that make you feel happy?! so not only is it good for your dogs to go out and have a walk around but it is also good for you too!

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