property photography

I was recently hired as a freelancer by a local estate agent to take photos of one of the properties in their portfolio, property photography presents its own set of unique challenges

firstly balancing the lighting indoors with the ambient outdoors as the light levels often differ between the two

secondly showing off the potential of the space within the property to its best , does the room or home have a specific view that could be a unique selling point? well if it does you want to include that within the photographs, where are people going to spend the majority of their time within the home? usually the kitchen diner and lounge along with the master bedroom 

thirdly and possibly the most challenging aspect, taking a show home and making it look warm and inviting , would you like to go view and live in a blank slate with empty rooms? nope me neither 

so to overcome these challenges you have to go prepared so lets address each of the challenges faced with a shoot such as this...

so firstly we have the lighting issue, I walked around the home turning on every light people like to see a well lit home.. but there is still a stark difference between the lighting indoors and the lighting outdoors so how do we overcome this?

one of two ways: on-camera flash, or off camera flash..

using bounce flash techniques the white ceiling of the property can be used as a giant light modifier when strategically placed within a room, this allows balancing of artificial light and the ambient.

so onto our second challenge: showing the potential of the space and the rooms to their best

this is done by eye what are the flattering angles? are they at eye level and they below eye level , do those angles give a true representation of the space in front of you and does it look appealing? where are potential buyers going to spend the majority of their time in the home? in my humble opinion and my own experience the answer to that question is the kitchen , the lounge and the main bedroom . 

and our final challenge: making the property look warm and inviting, which takes us all the way back to our first challenge thinking about lighting , turning on the lights and our second challenge finding the angles, can you picture yourself wanting to visit or perhaps living in the property finding those angles is key this isn't a blank slate this is to be someone's home so as a potential buyer what would you like to see?