field of dreams pet photography sessions and what to expect

what to expect on a pet photo session with field of dreams photography?


so no doubt there are a lot of questions to be asked...


well this blog aims to answer some of those questions that we get asked most frequently

How much does a pet photography session with field of dreams photography cost?

our session fee's start at £60 this pays for the time spent working with you to book the shoot, getting to and from and the time spent photographing your pets after which there are options to purchase print products

How long does a pet photo session with field of dreams photography last?

Typically our shoots last between 1-2 hours which might sound like a lot of time but it soon flies by when you are having fun

so how many pets can we include in a session?

The answer to that is as many as you want there is no upper limit but we do like to take our time to show the individual personality of each of your pets to ensure you have awesome memories to look back on


Are there any breeds we can't bring to a session?

The answer to this question is no there are no breeds that we will not happily photograph , we pride ourselves on being open minded and being as inclusive as possible so there are no breed restrictions whatsoever in fact we welcome them all



Do my dogs need a high level of obedience or can they be on leash?

We strive to use locations that are not only scenic but also secure and safe so even if your dog or dogs dont have a great level of obedience they can run freely although if you wish to keep them on leash then that is perfectly fine too , it's all about safety, fun , and enjoyment to bring the best out in your pets, leashes and collars can usually be edited out in post production so they aren't a distraction in your final images



Where are you based and do we have to travel to you?

Field of dreams photography is based in Blyton Lincolnshire however you can choose to have your pet photography session at a specially chosen scenic or even urban environment and travel to us , alternatively we can also travel to you ! 

So how do we book a pet photography session with field of dreams photography?

The process of booking is very simple you can either give us a call on 01427629971 or you can email us using the button provided below

we also have some great articles on why we do what we do and how  and also how to take better photographs of your own dogs!