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I'm sure many are not strangers to my work or website and rambling blog posts, I often write about the different photography sessions that come through my doors, however today's post is a little different, it's a little more personal but I think when choosing a photographer you should consider who it is that you are hiring to capture those special moments.

So a little about me I guess, why do I do the things I do?

I have always been fascinated by art from a young age and always wanted to know how things work or what they mean, I was one of those kids who asked a million questions trying to find my place in this wondrous world we live in. My best grades at school were in subjects that were artistic or made you think about deeper meanings.

This progressed to college I dabbled in music production in a studio environment I can play several instruments, I wanted to create.... but music although a big part of my life wasn't enough so I moved on.

Next came media studies learning how to write scripts and film and capture audio and how to market these things to people and how they were constructed.... nope again not for me although I gained yet another qualification it just felt cold almost sterile.

Next came Art! an amazing world of creativity laid before me, renaissance masters such as Rembrandt and surrealism courtesy of Salvador Dali and H R Giger wow now my eyes are opening up so many materials and directions to take, then came photography this incredible eye opening world people creating meaningful work that made a difference in the world I was fascinated by people such as Don Mcullin and W Eugene Smith, Bresson each as different from one another as they could possibly be but they were expressing themselves in a way I could really get into, They were creating something out of nothing, they were painting with light and making something that meant something to people, I experimented with black and white film, I enjoyed the process of summoning images onto paper by hand and as if by magic there it was something out of nothing, these photos meant nothing to anyone else but myself.

I left further education and pursued a career in the care industry working for a large company many have heard of called mencap, supporting adults with learning difficulties to lead fulfilling lives with a sense of independence, now the reward for this was greater than money I was making a difference, it felt good, wow two thing now that I enjoyed immensely.

Fast forward many moons and I have a little family of my own and for many years this nagging feeling that I want to do something that matters to other people, that some how makes their lives a little better, bring some fun, some enjoyment and show them the best of what life can be.

candid | wedding photographer gainsborough

I was presented with the opportunity after much practice to submit a business proposal, now this was a bold step, I was never a bold person who was confident to leap into anything but with the support of my other half and also my mother who had gone through a near fatal illness she told me dont waste time you never know what is going to happen so just do it, go for it you can do it.

I had thrown everything into what was a hobby and an enjoyable past time something I loved and devoted every waking moment to...

this was an important time, the people I was submitting my proposal to had the power to either let me run with what is quite frankly a dream job or to stop it dead in it's tracks

black and white portrait | dog photographer Gainsborough

I myself never really had much confidence in myself I'm not an in your face bold person by any stretch but I had the support of my other half who has like me sunk everything we can into this and supported me on days where I've felt like kicking my camera off into the distance in frustration

my business proposal was accepted and I waited eagerly wondering if perhaps this may well just be the thing I needed to propel life forwards for my little family, whenever I have had doubts they held me up, all I wanted was the opportunity to provide a life for my kids and my other half that i felt they deserve, it just happens to be a bit of a brucey bonus that I can do that doing something I really love

so this journey hasn't been a quick one, I'm still not where I would like to be but I'm well on my way and that is down to the support of my little family

my other aim with this business is to take that passion, and every ounce of all I have and put it into creating wonderful imagery for you my clients, because in my mind I wouldnt be able to do this if not for you either, words of encouragement, each session booked, reviews and kind words , you deserve nothing short of everything I can give, no matter if you are a competition winner or if you have paid for our top tier package I will throw everything I can into creating stunning work for you and with you because you deserve this and more

Joe and Sam | family photographer Gainsborough

so I guess my point with all this is to say thank you to you all but also to let you know that no matter where you are this life is journey, you will hit speed bumps they will slow you down but they will not stop you! give it all you have and dedicate your life to your goals because I promise you can do it!

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