The wonderful Maynard Family photo shoot

The Maynard Family Photo shoot

I had the pleasure of meeting such a wonderful and fun family , meet Dave and Vicky and their son Keeran and their wonderful dog Roxy.

We went for a nice walk through the Owlet woods in Lincolnshire, I soon found out that Keeran's favourite thing to do is climbing trees , when I say climbing trees he really can climb he has skills that could possibly even rival Spiderman when it comes to climbing!

Maynard family photo shoot | family photographer lincolnshire

Keeran has such an incredible bond with his furry family member Roxy , throughout the whole family photo shoot they were pretty inseparable, they played fetch and Keeran had plenty of ideas for things and poses they could do together.

keeran + roxy a boy and his dog | family and dog photographer lincolnshire

The bond and love this family have for each other is magical there are no other wordsDad Dave even joined Keeran in climbing some trees.

Maynard family photo shoot | family photographer lincolnshire
Maynard family photo shoot | family photographer lincolnshire

The family dog Roxy not to be left out also decided to rock some awesome poses for the camera and as you can see not to be outdone she also had an expression of pure happiness.

Roxy | dog photographer lincolnshire

One of the best things about having a wander through the woods for a kid and a dog is that there are so many things to do if you have a little imagination and creativity and Keeran certainly has those and a cheeky charm, do you think this stick is big enough to play fetch?

keeran and roxy | lincolnshire dog and family photographer

Keeran had to show us his incredible climbing and balancing skills, he sure knows how to have fun.

keeran | family photographer lincolnshire
Dave + Vicky | family photographer Lincolnshire
father and son | family photographer lincolnshire

Dave + Vicky and Keeran are soon expecting a new addition to the family and what a wonderful and loving family to be welcomed into.

dave + vicky maternity couple's | maternity couple's photographer lincolnshire
dave and vicky couple | wedding and family photographer lincolnshire

For me this is the photo that steals the show, you can see the love between every member of this amazing family!

The Maynard family | family photographer lincolnshire

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