Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust | January 2017

Pets need headshots too right?

As many folks know as part of my ongoing work ethos I like to give back to the community as much as possible , you may have also guessed that I'm a bit mad on dogs, really who knew ha ha 

Pet photography for charity

every so often I lend my expertise in pet photography to the Lincolnshire greyhound trust, they have kennels around the county and take great care in supporting these fine animals in finding loving forever homes, so whats my role?

Greyhound lincolnshire greyhound trust | DOG PHOTOGRAPHER LINCOLNSHIRE

well I figure maybe just maybe a really nice photo for the greyhounds may well just improve their chances of finding a forever home somewhere in Lincolnshire perhaps beyond, as with all our pet photography sessions I aim to show a little bit of charm, a heap of personality and if they have it that sense of cheekiness, all the things that we look for when selecting our canine life partners   

so what do you guys and gals think? do you see charm, character and personality?

do you think that you could open your home to one of these wonderful animals?

if my pockets were big enough I may have stuffed a few in there and given them a home myself