A wonderfully fun dog photo shoot down the woods!

Allow me to introduce you to two of the most character filled pooches we have had the pleasure of meeting we hope that you can see from the photographs even just a small amount of that character and charm.

When we conduct our dog photography sessions we have a little walk and talk find out a little about your dogs and their individual personalities, this also allows them to get a little bit of energy out so everything then goes smoothly.

We work through the posed shots which we have to say these two absolutely nailed! check out those eyes! they say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so what wonderful souls these two must have.

Owner Laura really wanted to try some of her own ideas which we actively encourage because sometimes it is those ideas that make all the difference to our dog photography sessions and provide you with lovely unique images that you can have pride in knowing that you helped create and bring to life and we would say Laura's idea definitely did that, this handsome boy could sell Hunter Wellington Boots by the shelf load if you ask us!

Is it just us or do these two remind you of an old married couple? they run together, play together, investigate every sight and smell together and of course they also have to carry sticks together!

Below is a Slideshow gallery of some of the other Highlights of Laura's Dog photography session, We can't help but melt with some of the cute head tilts and facial expressions on offer, there is running, posing, swimming and a whole bunch of fun right here, We don't think you could look through these photographs without smiling.

If you would like to Book your pawesome pooches in for a dog photography session or would like to see more check out out dog photography section.