The key to capturing great photos of children

How to create great children and family portraits

As part of our ongoing series on how and why we do what we do , we are going to be answering some of the most commonly asked questions sent our way we have already covered part one of our top dog photography tips.

Todays blog is all about how we capture wonderful children and family portraits and how to really make the session an experience rather than just a simple service don't worry we aren't going to get bogged down in technical details because believe it or not technical detail is not what makes these images work and it also means diddly to your clients.

So what is the key component?

Remember when you were a kid? think back really think, the world was a wonderful place full of possibilities and the imagination could roam and you would have all kinds of adventures right?

That is the key to incredible children's and family photography , getting your mind back to that sense of awe and wonder, We have two kids ourselves and both have imaginations far wilder and wonderful than any book about wizards and far away places.

engaging the imagination | lincolnshire family photographer

So in our humble experience the key to wonderful photographs is not how fancy the camera is or how what lens is used, the key is engaging, what are their interests?

one of my sons loves video games and maths and coming up with fantastical stories , my other son loves being outside climbing and imagining all kinds of wildlife that must live down the bottom of the garden.

so we must get into that mindset and actively engage the imagination that creativity that as adults we have spent years forgetting about because the true wonder, the real magic is found right there!

So let's have fun, let's play football and hunt fairies and imagine the autumnal leaves falling on our heads because as much as the technicalities behind taking a photograph matter what matters most is finding that fun because without fun your just stood around and thats boring nobody child or adult wants to just be stood around.

having a laugh | lincolnshire family photographer

Joe and sam here decided there was much fun to be had we played football and just to change things up a bit we decided hey wouldn't it be fun to take photo's of each other and you know why? the camera and the person behind it isn't someone scary the camera is just a camera and it is a whole lot less daunting when as a photographer you get involved but even more so when you let your clients get involved .

This simple tip can take your photographs from being just that photographs , a service and transforming it into an experience, everyone leaves knowing they have had a good time, mum and dad are smiling but most importantly your young clients have smiles from ear to ear!

we need more imaginative and creative people in this world so let's actively encourage having fun!

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