Dog sunset shoot from start to print!

Ok I have my work cut out for me in this blog post huh?

I have promised a dog, a sunset, photographs and prints... just a few things lets see how we do!

Everyone photographs sunsets right? I'm sure you probably have a few photos of sunsets on your phone, I do although I probably have way too many.

So this got me to thinking hey let's make use of one of these abosolutely beyond beautiful sunsets, whichthen turned into hmm where would be a good location?

On one of our regular walks there is a tree that blocks the entrance to a field and this particular field many would probably just walk on by but ....

it has an awesome overlook clean right over to the horizon as behind is a huge hill so the view of the sunset is pretty magnificent.

Anyways rambling yup , we stop photograph the sunset, and its wonderful, gorgeous even.

Lincolnshire sunset

So let's see what it would be like with one of my favourite subjects in the photo.... you guessed it a dog, the bob dog.

Not too bad we are exposing for the dog so he isnt all in shadow but that sky has gotten really bright where has all that beautiful colour gone? nope i'm not happy with that.

dog portrait sunset natural light only | DOG PHOTOGRAPHER LINCOLNSHIRE

so let's try and expose for the sky....

wow we have all those beautiful colours back all soft and melting their way across the horizon but now we have lost mr bob dog to the shadows...

we seemingly can't win this one we either have bright blown out skies and lose that colour and beauty or we have a shadowy bob dog.

exposing for the sunset | DOG PHOTOGRAPHER LINCOLNSHIRE

here comes off camera flash to the rescue!

we have exposed for the sky so lets light up that mr shadowy bob dog lets see that happy smushy face!

dog portrait off camera flash | DOG PHOTOGRAPHER LINCOLNSHIRE

we think that this photo definitely deserved to be printed so when my friends over at Fun Printz said hey we have this super cool new printing press in and we can do all sorts of new funky prints like on aluminium and on wooden wall plaques I knew we had to have one to show as a sample for our clients so we went through the process... it is really simple the guys over at Fun Printz make it super easy , we sent our image in and within a short time frame we were notified to come and collect it, I walked into the store and immediately was blown away!

The level of detail they have managed to print onto a wooden plaque ( ready to mount on the wall too) is astounding, the colours are true and accurate, we will definitely be adding these to the a la carte product menu as well as finding their way into a print package.

we can't thank Chris and Sam at Fun Printz enough as not only do they supply a range of our print products but they also supply our work wear such as hoodies

you should definitely check out their site if you want any personalised print products

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