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At Field of Dreams Photography we are huge fans of creative pursuits, often searching out amazing artists, craftsmen/women and designers who we feel really speak to us, so we have created the Artist Feature! A Blog series dedicated to shining the spotlight on creatives we believe in but we think you should definitely know about, so without further ramblings here is the first Artist Feature!

Scott & Robson Designs

We had chance to discuss a little about Scott & Robson Designs with Jo Scott the phenomenal creative mind behind the bold and wonderful creations because behind fantastic art is a real person and a real story :


Q: can you tell us and our audience about yourself and how Scott & Robson Designs came to be?


Jo :

I studied at York College of Art and Middlesex Unviversity, graduating with a degree in history of art and a masters in visual culture, followed by quite a few years working in London in software sales and delivery, I now lead a more nomadic lifestyle, usually based in a studio at the Harts Barn Arts & Craft Centre in the Forest of Dean, and travelling with my husband and our dog Thomasina the                                                                                           rest of the time.

I have been painting animal portraits professionally since 2013. All my work contains some form of animal theme but dogs are my first love and feature more heavily as a result. For me it’s all about the character and personality of the animal, if I can capture that then I am happy I’ve done a good job. 

Q: what kind of work and art do you create?

Jo : 

I specialise in 2 forms of commission work, firstly pet portraits, I love working in watercolours, some say it’s one of the most difficult mediums to work in. I think you need to be brave with it and commit to where you are putting the paint quickly and sometimes a mistake or accident can either make the painting or ruin it so I like the risk, it’s exciting!

It's also very portable and suits our lifestyle of travelling, I often publish pictures from my sketchbooks on my instagram page 

Check out Jo's Instagram here

Secondly, I am commissioned a lot to paint people’s homes, or special places, whilst also featuring their pets in the pictures, for these I use a mix of pen, inks, watercolour and coloured pencils so they are more mixed media and illustrative in style.

Q: what products and services do you offer and how did they come to life?

Jo : 

In 2014 I launched Scott & Robson Designs to publish some of my artwork, a mix of animal portraits and to give me the opportunity to work on and produce more of my illustration work.

One of the success stories is the range of ‘Today I will be…’ greeting cards, where pets narrate their own naughtiness, it won the Highly Commended New Product Award when launched at the Scotland Spring Fair in January 2016 and it’s been selling well to independent retailers ever since. I think most pet owners can really recognise and identify   with most of the behaviour I portray


As a result I'm now also able to offer customers the option to have their original commissioned portrait reproduced digitally onto a deluxe cushion or a canvas print , with any added text or different coloured backgrounds for the ultimate personalised gift.

If you would like to see more of Jo's work please visit the following links

Scott & Robson website

Scott & Robson Facebook

We would like to offer the biggest of thank you's to Jo for taking the time to participate in our Artist Feature Series

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