our favourite portrait photos of 2016

2016 has been an incredible year , not only for personal and professional growth but we have evolved photographically stepping away from the familiarity of shooting on pet portrait photos to cover a wide array of subjects such as couples/engagement shoots showcasing the amazing bonds and unrivalled love people have for one another, which is an incredible experience .

our aim with couple's/engagement photo shoots was to capture natural feelings and moments because those are raw and real so we opted for a more documentary style with very little posing which gives our couples the freedom to move and express themselves in a natural way.

below are some examples of our awesome clients. 

Couple's + Engagement photographer Lincolnshire

We have also expanded into children's portrait photography choosing beautiful locations in the Lincolnshire woodlands and countryside that help kids personalities really shine because the focus is on your kids so you want to see that playful and joyful nature right?

The real magic is in finding what gets their creativity going , what makes their eyes light up and what brings those wonderful smiles.

Below is a selection of children's portrait photos that we feel really show that magic. 


This year has been an absolutely wonderful year for our Dog and Pet photography sessions , not only have we been published in the biggest monthly dog magazine in the country Dogs Today Magazine we have worked very hard to produce photos unlike anything anyone else offers , because your pets and dogs deserve the best right?

Our goal has been to highlight the wonderful nature of your furry companions as well as also documenting some incredible working dogs, We have travelled the length and breadth of this awesome country in order to do this.

Below is a selection of some of our favourite images from 2016 that show the personality and charm of man's best friend we hope you enjoy them! .  


We would like to thank each and every single client we have had book in for portrait photography over the last year as non of this would be possible without you , not many people get to do what they love for a living and that is possible thanks to you , we have most definitely enjoyed every moment every shutter click and each and every portrait photography session and bringing joy and happiness to you all by immortalising these passing moments

We can't say for certain what this new year holds but if it is anything like the last then we embrace it with open arms and joy in our hearts .

If you are interested in booking a portrait photography session with us then hit the email button below or pop over to our contact page!