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lincolnshire based photographer

I'm Jay otherwise known as field of dreams photography a Lincolnshire based photographer this page gives a little insight into who I am, by now you already know we offer children's and family portrait photography as well as Couple's and engagement photography services and Pet photography services but you want to know who is taking your photos right?

It all started when...

I was a small child I had a craving to make things, to understand how they work, how they interact, this combined with a love for the great outdoors propelled me to find a creative pursuit...

I met an old man a friend of my mothers who took me by the hand he held them out in front of me and he said " you have a creative soul these hands will make important things" these words stuck with me

I found an affinity for black and white film photography, capturing split seconds... more than that capturing moments because moments contain a feeling they evoke a response , our memories are made up of moments fragments of time we try to hold on to because they mean something..

for me that is the importance of what I do!

I capture moments , I capture feelings, I immortalise memories

WE are here!


What we do

Fun vibrant wedding and engagement photography, showcasing your love in the best way possible.

Family photography that encourages creativity and imagination and most importantly fun!

we have also been featured in Dogs Today Magazine

and on http://www.thegooddogguide.com/

also on https://phototips.cc/